Effective Text, Part 2


  1. Sam says:

    Hi, I tried the neon effect on a two word name. Works great. The I had the idea of making the first name one neon color and the last name another color. I created two text layers, one with the first name and the other with the last name. I applied the neon filter to both and discovered that only the upper most layer would work. I tried linking and/or merging the two text layers and nothing worked. Any suggestions?

    • ThomasBO says:

      I’ll work on this at my first opportunity. Thanks for the challenge 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    I just discovered that when you apply the QC Neon filter it turns the background black, so the second layer is covered by the opaque first layer. Odd. Oh well, it was a cool idea.

    • ThomasBO says:

      I think this is what you were shooting for…

      I put each word on its own layer, as you tried, but then I used a mask on the the upper layer to hide the portion of it that was blocking the lower layer.


      • Sam says:

         Thanks Thomas! That’s exactly what I was going for! OK, I’m still a little new on PM, I added the mask to the upper most layer, as you did……..then I tried using the Marquis tool to remove the right side so it would not block the underlying layer. I failed. I’m positive it’s something simple that I’m overlooking. Can you explain what you did with the mask?

    • ThomasBO says:

      I put the mask on the top text layer, then selected the part that overlaid the lower text layer and filled the selection with (be sure the mask is active, blue border) with white using the Paint Bucket tool. Hope that works out for you 🙂 

      • Sam says:

         Thanks again! I guess that my PM was having issues…..today, before I tried your masking technique, I went back after applying the neon QC filter and used the marquee tool and delete/backspace on the top layer to remove the black area over the text in the second layer and it worked just fine. Go figure. Thanks for your help. Thanks for the tutorial, I appreciate it tremendously. 

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