Creating a rubber stamp


  1. Connie says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I was able to follow it very easily. I do have a question but I don’t know how to attach the project I created. It’s our school pto logo which was easy to do with the text but I want to add clip art of a paw print and can not figure out how. If it isn’t a problem I would like to email what I’ve done. Oh! I’ve been wondering how to do a border around my text for ages – yeah, now I know!! Thanks.

    • PMtuts says:

      Feel free to email your project to sebastiaan[at] and I’ll see how I can help you further.

  2. Gary Kind says:

    superb tutorial, simple and to the point, will definately buy more! (although I still find pixelmator wholly unintuitive as a tool)

  3. Gary Kind says:

    Actually just to add this won’t work on the border if you set the stroke to ‘outside’ how do we do this? For inside its fine

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