Effective Text, Part 2

In this Pixelmator project, which extends Effective Text, Part 1, you will learn how to create two more text effects: a brushed metal look and neon-like text.

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Effective Text, Part 1

Adventure Text

In this Pixelmator project you will learn how to create and use a colorful, adventure- style text effect.

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Coloring a sketch

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Do you like to make sketches on paper? And would you like to digitise them and color them? Then Pixelmator can help you out. Not everybody likes making drawings directly on the mac by using a drawing tablet. Some of us still prefer the good old pencil and paper. Well, if you have a scanner, you can import these sketches directly into Pixelmator or by using your preferred app for scanning.


In this Pixelmator tutorial you will learn how to place a reflected scene in the mirrored lenses of a girl’s sunglasses. This method can be adapted to inset any picture within another picture.

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