• @#$#@$#@$ Pixelmator! Where is my equilateral obtuse isosceles heptagram!!! X(

    • I totally agree with you. After all the equilateral obtuse isosceles hectogram is the mother of all shapes. 

  • Lemon-kun

    Thank you for the tutorial, but to be honest, shapes are a big fail in Pixelmator 2. It’s so cumbersome one has to use clumsy workarounds, that costs time and isn’t elegant at all. Open another document, rearrange the windows, and so on. How to adjust the shape of this pasted vector then?

    No really, there should be a “shapes library” palette which one could send the custom made shapes to and everything would be fine.

    • If you paste a shape into another document it stays a shape so you can edit it like you would do normally with shapes in Pixelmator. I agree with you that the shape tool in Pixelmator is very basic with this first release. One should be able to easily load a shape as a selection and one should be able to fill a shape with a gradient. Having a shapes library would off course be nice as well tough I don’t see much difference between moving a document around with custom shapes or a palette like the brushes palette filled with shapes. 

      • Lemon-kun

        Ah, now I see. Seems there’s a bug there, when I copy a shape layer into another file, and click for “Make Editable” nothing happens; now I see, Pixelmator creates a second shape (which was out of the canvas, so I couldn’t see it first), and this out-of-place shape I can drag into the right place and then edit, and as soon as I do, my first shape disappears and this other one becomes the shape. So it works, but a bit buggy.

        The advantage of a library would be that you wouldn’t have to have another document window active (to make the layer palette show the shapes), so you’d have easier control (and it would be elegant…). And then, don’t forget the vivid Pixelmator community, I guess there would be soon dozens of shape libraries downloadable, with all kinds of shapes, also essential ones like the equilateral obtuse isosceles heptagram 😉

  • John Smith

    I have to PAY To learn how to use Pixelmator, after having PAID for the program?!?!

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