Launching Soon

We are happy to announce the new website. It is a complete new site on a new server and with endless possibilities for you as Pixelmator user to learn the ins and outs of image editing with Pixelmator and participate in the learning community. Come back often as we are adding new features to the site during the coming weeks.

If you see the video above, then you are all set to go with the website when it comes to watching the video tutorials on the site. If you don’t see the video above you’ll need to load our site in a HTML5 enabled browser, like the latest Safari.
If you are on an iPad or iPhone you can stream the video you’re watching  via AirPlay to an AppleTV, by clicking on the AirPlay icon on the control bar.

Don’t forget to comment on our video tutorial podcasts by using the comment field below.

  • Landon

    Looking forward to the tutorials and the next Pixelmator!

  • PMtuts

    We are looking forward to the release of Pixelmator 2 as well. We will keep the archive with Pixelmator 1 tutorials online until the end of june 2012 on . If you followed us via iTunes then you want to switch to the new podcast stream available now. Go to to subscribe.