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Watch each week as Pixelmator gurus Sebastiaan and Antony shares new tips and trick
s, to make your time in Pixelmator more productive, more efficient and more fun.

Pixelmator brings image editing to the rest of us in a brilliant way. Image editing has never been more fun, and more exciting. Pixelmator Tutorials make Pixelmator and image editing accessible for people that have experience with image editing and people that are new to image editing.

With over a thousand visitors a day to the site and even more downloading the podcasts via iTunes, the Pixelmator Tutorial podcast turned out to be the number one resource for learning image editing with Pixelmator.


What people say

  1. Wer Pixelmator noch nicht kennt, der sollte sich mal ein paar der, wirklich guten, Video-Tutorials ansehen, die Pixelmator Tutorials zur Verfügung stellt. (eumel)

  2. Die Tutorials sind gut gemacht, finde ich. Einfach mal anschauen, und man findet doch schnell ein paar Dinge, die man gut gebrauchen kann.Vielen Dank dafür. (wacholderpolka)

  3. New to digital photography and new to PXM, I really appreciate Pixelmator video tutorials.
    They are very clear and very well “basic user” oriented.
    A great job. (Phil)

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