Dream Girl


  1. Kenny Lu says:

    Nice tutorial! Thank you!

  2. Kenny Lu says:

    btw, I don’t find any Foreground-to-Transparent gradient on 2.0

    • Anonymous says:

      Take another look. It must be there somewhere because I used 2.0 to build the tutorial. However, on my iMac it was in the top row and on my MacBook it was in the bottom row. Go figure.

    • PMtuts says:

      Most likely you don’t have a color-to-transparent gradient by default in Pixelmator. For some reason the most used and most standard gradients were never delivered by default. It is easy to make gradients yourself though. 

      With the gradients palette open (view > show gradients). Ctrl+click on the palette and choose new gradient. You now get a standard black to white gradient. Click on the right most colour stop which is white. The OS X color picker will pop up on your screen. At the bottom you see the opacity slider. Slide this slider all the way to the left. You now have a black to (white)transparent gradient. 

      Good luck with the tutorial and I hope you’ll enjoy following us. 

  3. Kenny Lu says:

    Thank you guys so much! I will definitely follow.

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