Rain Dance


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, but this is just plain ugly.

    • Gasport says:

      Have to agree on this comment.   Terrible.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry you feel that way, but you seem to miss the point of the “tutorial”. The intent is not to create art, but to introduce skills and tools. That’s why I note at the end that you should play with the tools and settings to achieve an effect you like. The “art” is up to you.

        • Gasport says:

          Point taken, but the shown result is not realistic at all.   Don’t take it as a criticism of you but of the end result.   I actually enjoyed and learned a lot from your other tutorials.

        • Anonymous says:

          But, we won’t know if the method will be adequate for achieving the effect we want if the preview doesn’t look proper.

          • PMtuts says:

            The method is adequate for achieving the effect. You should also know that you’ll have to use different settings every time depending of the scene you have captured in a photo. Taking the settings mentioned in tutorials as a golden standard is wrong and useless, as every image is different. Even the image resolution playes a role. I understand that people find the effect displayed on this photo not as good. If Thomas would have used an image of a dark castle, or a more darker, more spooky scene, nobody would have commented on the quality of the effect.

            One thing to add to this tutorial is that after the motion blur, one could use levels or curves to make the rain less intense.

  2. Cdunn386 says:

    This was the first technique I tried on Pixelmator before all these great video tutorials came out and it really is a great effect. I used a photo taken outside but I did not darken the print first but keep it normal looking. The rain effect was more realistic also I tried the effect with an indoor pic (not darkening the orginal image) and it was cool too – indoor rain.

    Just saying try the effect and don’t play around with the original settings and I bet you will like the outcome better.

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