Whitening Teeth


  1. Anonymous says:

    Let me first say Thank You for the tutorial, it was better than I could do, however I think you may want to do a “reboot” on this one.  The method you use will work but its not very elegant.  I have seen some Apature and Photoshop tutorials where they just select the teeth area and desaturate the white colors to produce a more clean and natural whiteness.  Might be a nice opportunity for Sabastian to “Train the Trainer”.  But don’t take my critism as anything but positive.  I enjoyed watching the tutorial and was reminded of some good selection techniques but I think this one needs a bit more “polish” and perhaps a technique adjustment. 

    • Varun Balakrishnan says:

      Hey thanks for the comment/ suggestion. Yes there could have been a more accurate or elegant way of selecting the teeth if that’s what you mean. If you want to get a more accurate result, you can try use the polygon lasso tool as you can select the areas you wish. For the sake of the tutorial I didn’t want to use the polygonal lasso tool as it would take more time, so I decided to use the magic wand tool as it is faster. Please let me know if you meant something else, and if this reply did not relate to your comment. 


  1. Luca Toni

    Keep up the excellent job and producing in the crowd!

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